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Latin Choir Brisbane

We socialise through singing Nos socializamos através do/del canto



"Somos Latinas cantantes
Que nos juntamos los Martes,
Para cantar a la vida
Con vino y con alegria!"

The Latin Choir Brisbane started with a group of women from diverse cultural backgrounds that are passionate about Latin American music. Our repertoire includes songs from various rhythms, languages, countries and times, representing the multiplicity of the Latin American culture.

The choir is compound by amateur singers who value the joy of singing together and is conducted by Ricardo Bona and Tania, music educators and professional musicians who bring an array of techniques and arrangements to enrich our repertoire.

In our weekly rehearsals, we practice the songs, develop vocal and musical abilities, and deepen our understanding of the Latin American culture and language. As part of our choir experience, at the end of each term, we organise a presentation to a selected audience of friends (and friends of friends) and families.

The rehearsals are also an opportunity to develop our language skills. We communicate and sing in Spanish, Portuguese and sometimes in English, even though we are not necessarily fluent on these languages.

Thus, anyone willing to sing in different languages is very welcome. !Cantemos juntos! Vamos cantar juntos! Let’s sing together!